Bloodstone Press

Bloodstone Press is the new love child of Editors Jourdan and Engelmeier. This small press will be responsible for publishing issues of Whatever Our Souls as well as publishing original, unsolicited projects. Our goal is to work with authors who don’t necessarily want to self-publish, who would like someone else to handle their editing, cover design, and advertising.


Whether it’s a novel or a novella or a short story collection or a chapbook or some mix of all, we’re interested. Unlike with our literary magazine, we have no word count maximums with Bloodstone Press; however, we do have minimums. We will not publish chapbooks less than 50 pages in length (6×9 in. trim, 12 pt. font) or fiction works less than 10,000 words.

When it comes to content, you can venture over to the submission guidelines page of this website where Editors Jourdan and Engelmeier have each listed their aesthetics and subject/genre preferences. You can follow links there to their blogs for views into their own works as well.


In short: query us at In the subject line of the email, please put Bloodstone Press – Submission – [Title of Submission], which would read Bloodstone Press – Submission – At the Edge of Night for example if done correctly. In the body of your email, please provide us with: 1. what type of work you’re sending (poetry chapbook, story collection, novel, etc.); 2. the approximate word count of the work; 3. a 2-10 sentence summary of the work; 4. any information we may need to know (such as if poems/chapters/stories have been previously published and especially if you own the rights to them or not); 5. and the work itself in its entirety.

We prefer that works are submitted in Standard Manuscript format, but we’re lenient overall as long as the work is consistently and professionally formatted with contact information, title, and pen name all present. Any work that does not feel professionally formatted or edited (for basic grammar and for spelling) will be tossed out. While no work is perfect, we as editors only fine-tune projects; we are not the Victor Frankensteins of your literature and poetry.

Furthermore, as the entire work is being sent to us, we reserve the right to read as much or as little of the work as grabs our attention and will make our decision to publish or reject the project within 30 days. Personal comments and critiques may be attached in either situation, including perhaps how far we made it into the manuscript.


We’re offering 50% royalties on all profits made by the work from the very first sell. There’s no sales quota that needs to be hit for the author to receive their royalties. Royalties will be paid through Paypal from our business account on a prompt basis.


At this time, all works will be available for purchase on Amazon both digitally and in print. Until we reach such a point that we can purchase ISBNs and push to mainstream bookstores, this is what we can offer. Stories will be advertised by us through email, on this website, on social media, and in upcoming issues of Whatever Our Souls.


All covers are designed by Editor Engelmeier, who will work with prospective authors to ensure the cover for their forthcoming work lives up to their expectations and their creative vision. She’ll help nail down everything from biographies to blurbs, too, alongside Editor Jourdan.





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