Zombies to Mars (WOS #1, Castor MVP, Tie)

By Ed Higgins

Perseid meteors fly past their ship like cosmic fire-wasps, smaller ones caroming off their inter-planetary craft’s protective hull while fireballs the size of fists flash past portholes. Earth’s apocalyptic end has long-since passed. Slightly before back-then, there had been little time to sigh over regrets, less still to say goodbye, goodbye to Terrans’ once-haven. Such was the thrum of Earth’s historic zombie cataclysm. A small human remnant barely escaped, heading desperately toward Mars and salvic resettlement.

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Hair in weird places (WOS #1, Pollux MVP, Tie)

By Jay Livingston

Popcorn sniffles were shared between thirteen old women as Jim Caviezel died on the cross for our sins. The low hum of the church’s old Zenith television, a fat contraption with a bulging sixteen-inch screen, provided an undercurrent for the little whimpers puffing out of all those grandmas’ lips. The church pews—all fifty of them—were lit by the dim glow of the television. Behind the television, streetlights cast faint rays of orange light through the stained glass just over the small tub on the altar where they had baptized me the summer before. It was the centerpiece of the pulpit, which was where Pastor Don had wheeled in the television and started the VHS tape. Mel Gibson’s The Passion, Easter Sunday, 2004. I was seven, with my copper hair and ruddy face, looking up at my grandma from my position, sunken down into the seat, bored. Her eyeliner was smudged, she was wiping away tears, and she had licked most of the lipstick off her bottom lip from sucking it in like she always did when she faked tears. Her gut rested on her thighs, and her breasts were cushions for her liver-spotted arms. Grandpa was on her other side, head hanging back, asleep, snoring.

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Hello, everyone!

This post is a bit of a placeholder. Once we launch our first publication, Editor Jourdan will choose one story from her team and Editor Engelmeier will choose one story from hers. Those stories will be posted here in this archive in full for your reading pleasure. Leave comments and critiques for the author! Vote on which story you feel is the reigning champion of the issue! All that we ask is you be constructive.

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