San Francisco Snow (WOS #2, Pollux MVP)

By Philip Kobylarz

—of days drawn out in rainfall, windows pensive with fog.

City and surrounding cliffs of old teeth

cleaned by sheer cold.

On sidewalks no one dares to stand upon, ice, or its suggestion,

is clear in its intention. Leaves,

like what else falls,

salty hail, sycamore testicles, rotten onions from the second floor,

cigarette butts with

lipstick kisses—

Philip Kobylarz’s work has appeared in Paris Review, Epoch, Poetry, and Best American Poetry. His two books are rues and Now Leaving Nowheresville. He has two books forthcoming.

“San Francisco Snow” was published in the second issue of Whatever Our Souls with Team Pollux. Editor Engelmeier fell in love with the piece when she read it. Some of her critique to the author follows:

There is a lot that I love about your poetry. [“San Francisco Snow”], which I’ve accepted, caught me immediately. I love the setting, wording, and imagery. In fact, your word choice sells most of your poetry for me. It’s felt and seen (emotionally and physically) and leaves enough narrative gaps/leaps enough to pull me in to fill its cracks. [It] connected with me the most and […] I couldn’t take my eyes off of [it].

Please consider voting “San Francisco Snow” winning MVP of Issue #2.

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