“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” —Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

Welcome to Whatever Our Souls, a new digital and print literary magazine launched by two recent graduates of Southern Illinois University. This magazine aims to publish voices that struggle to find acceptance in traditional literary magazines. Send us your sword-and-sorcery, your non-speculative crime fiction, your urban fantasy, your space werewolves, steampunk accountants, and mutant rabbits. Send us the normal. Send us the weird. Send us the sentimental. Send us the psychological. Send us whatever your soul is.

Whatever Our Souls will be published in a competing format. If your story is accepted, it will be by either Editor Jourdan, leader of Team Castor, or by Editor Engelmeier, leader of Team Pollux. You have two chances to impress! Which editor’s heart will you snag? We will assemble your stories in the magazine, and after publication, we editors will select our MVPs, which will then be posted in full on this website. From there, visitors and readers alike will have an opportunity to vote on the issue’s reigning champion!

This magazine is meant to be a departure from the strict world of literature, not to say that we won’t be looking for your best work. We have no genre or content expectations. All we ask is that you enjoy what you write, and if you’re lucky, we’ll enjoy it, too.

Respectfully yours,

Editors Jourdan and Engelmeier


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